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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.
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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.


The man of the thousand and one weddings

If you are thinking about visualizing that moment of the yes I want, that scene of the exchange of arras, that of the interlaced hands toasting with champagne after cutting the cake or opening the dance with a waltz, you should know that Javier Aguilar does not do that. . This videographer and filmmaker from Jerez has not managed to become the second best in Spain in his own work for doing the typical or what the majority does. Recently awarded with the Golden Wedding Awards 2017 -equivalent to an Oscar in the world of wedding videos-, he takes care of us before receiving in his studio a couple who will get married in the middle of next year. It has the 2018 agenda “almost complete” and word of mouth about his work, increasingly recognized, is unstoppable. Earlier this year, Boasorte, his company for just under a decade,Trip Advisor of the wedding celebrations- as the most valued by its users. “We are sorry because there are many couples who watch the video of their friends, they love it and they want us to do theirs, but we do not have a space”.

After covering – in the almost journalistic sense of the term – “Dozens and dozens of weddings in the last three or four years”, wedding photo booth hire sydney and Aguilar has just landed several sessions in Paris, Brussels and Bruges, and is preparing for a summer of “non-stop ” “I do not know about holidays, now I’m in full season,” he says. With just turned 34, he started very young in the world of image and sound. Like so many other great professionals of the land, he trained at La Granja, where he began to kill that worm that led him to improvise dark rooms and photographic laboratories in the bathroom of his house. “I did the audiovisual production cycle, I bought my first photo and video camera, and I realized that I loved the world of communication and image.” Then he went to Seville and did film training courses,

Without stopping working, because the same has recorded and edited for the official television of Xerez CD in First that has gotten him hand during seven editions of the Jerez Festival channel, settled again in Jerez, already with his own project and almost completely turned to the world of weddings. “When you are a student, you can not imagine what it is like to register as a freelancer, pay rent, electricity, expenses, salaries and social security of your team … The beginnings are always complicated because the State forces you to pay without knowing if you win money or not. ” Even so, what he earns always reinvests him. “My philosophy is to continually reinvest the little money that is earned, this world changes continuously and only then can you give the best service, it’s already recorded in 4K, HD … they are a lot of gigs and you have to invest in new material”.

But not only new technologies live Boasorte. Little by little, Javi Aguilar has managed to create an identity in his way of seeing the marriage bonds, be they civil, Catholic, Muslim – he has covered two weddings of this type, one of them in Tangier – or evangelicals. “It has changed the way we see weddings, I try to treat them like a documentary, tell more stories before the wedding day of a couple, I try to go further and always being clear that less is more”. This work involves many months of getting to know the couple and turning to each celebration: the pre-wedding, the wedding, the post-wedding (many times in other countries) and, as a culmination, the sacrificed post-production exercise. “The hard work arrives in front of the computer, there you start to compose the story with all that material that we have recorded, always trying exclusivity, which is a very personal documentary, and for that we do interviews with relatives, the bride and groom speak, and everything has a much more particular touch. What we are looking for is to totally change the traditional wedding video we knew, “he explains.

In the end, all the emotions, those memories, can fit in a clip of two minutes, the maximum time that the experts recommend that a video posted on social networks last. Nobody wants to give the embers to the friend or family member with that eternal video of their wedding that bores the sheep. In the era of Facebook and Instagram, where immediacy and the audiovisual are worth their weight in gold bars, Aguilar’s camera looks with those eyes, aware of the change of trend in its sector. The couple knows it. “Everybody wears mobiles and on Sunday after the wedding the whatsapp will smoke, but shaping the wedding video is more complicated, many weddings in 2018 have told us that we are the first provider for the event, not even the catering The videographer was before the ugly duckling of weddings, it was the last thing that was hired, always to slipstream, and now, on the other hand, I have weddings to which photographers no longer go, only us. We are your only memory, imagine the responsibility. That’s what I’ve seen that has changed compared to when I was doing weddings ten years ago. ”

Besides being a cameraman and a filmmaker, it could be said that this Jerez-born also has experience in sociology and economics as an observer of one of those social events that, in a certain way, are “a reflection of society”. The protagonists of weddings have changed a lot in these years and weddings are still held despite the crisis. “We get budget requests almost daily, the business is booming.” About the parties, he analyzes: “Now there are unions of more trained couples, a few years ago they belonged in the majority of cases to the construction sector and now they are, above all, many civil servants and university people. and the subject of children has changed a lot because before it was very rare, and nowadays it is rare for a couple who do not marry children “.

The boom in new technologies is also a double-edged sword. Intrusion and piracy are a constant.  “There are some who, without a technical base or knowledge, and only because they have done their brother-in-law’s wedding, they get into this, although, fortunately, there are more and more places where they ask you to be discharged and they make an important screen” He argues, and adds: “It is true that the bride and groom also look more at the quality than the price, when they offer something very cheap and they hesitate and opt for professionals in the sector, they have stolen videos from my website and have I’ve been rulando pages of other people in other areas of Spain.

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