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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.
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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.


Nikon Foto Fest: photo exhibition for camera lovers

“The best place to capture the advice of experts” Nikon Foto Fest

If the camera and you are yourself, this interests you, because it is one of the biggest photography events, you can attend workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and product testing for free, the only thing that has a cost is the master classes. If you are looking for a new best friend, here will be experts of international stature that can help you choose the camera that suits you best.

Where? Banamex Center

When? September 29, 30 and October 1. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For three days you will learn everything you can absorb from the photo , in the master classes they will teach: Joe Mcnally, Ben Olivares and Caroga. To know what we are talking about we had the opportunity to interview Julio Meneses, Director of Sales and best nikon video camera in Mexico, who told us about the importance of these experts in photography and their presence in the exhibition.

He stressed that, for example: Joe Mcnally is among the 100 best photographers worldwide, Ben Olivares is a specialist in social photography, especially weddings and Caroga, meanwhile, is an expert in advertising campaigns. Without a doubt, celebrities that are well worth knowing to absorb their knowledge.

As for the workshops, Meneses explained that the exponents stand out as professional photographers, such as:

Photography of trips and countries by Anuar Patjane Floriuk

Photograph of babies and children: Monica Olvera.

Digital marketing for photographers: Héctor Blanco.

Photography and cinematography: Miguel Lozano.

Photography for beginners: Ricardo Castro.

Photographs of study: Roberto Ferrer.

DSLR video: Gustavo Aguinaga.



Julio Meneses, told us that the public will be able to live incredible experiences such as: painting with light or against light, walking on water so they do not wear heels and extreme sports ramps where Marcos Ferro, expert in extreme sports photography will be capturing unique moments of the tricks, in addition to offering tips to visitors.

Finally, the Director of Sales and Marketing Nikon Mexico, made an extensive invitation to all our readers, to live an incredible experience in the  Nikon Foto Fest .

How much? Free admission, master classes $ 5,730 pesos.


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