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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.
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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.


Metal Expo 2016 Moscow International Industrial Exhibition in Russia

Metal Expo Moscow 2016, a new edition in the Russian capital, particularly in facilities Fairgrounds exhibition All Russian Exhibition Center AREC Moscow, between the days 8 to 11 November 2016. This year brings in different fora companies in the steel, ferrous and non-ferrous products, logistics and machinery destined for the sectors of construction, automotive or energy sector. The event shows convincing arguments about the potential of the Russian market as seeking metallurgical products in the coming years.

Metal Expo 2016 in Moscow, you will see on display the full range of products of ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as the state of the art equipment and modern technologies. Report this fair we can find all news and industry related innovations in its various aspects.

Report this fair because of its importance, will feature the best companies and professionals in the sector, being for them a quote from almost inexcusable assistance both by the news that it will be found as important contacts that may be established .

More than 750 companies from 35 countries of the world take care of their exhibitions in halls 69 and 75 of the Exhibition Centre throughout Russia for more than 30,000 end users of products of ferrous and nonferrous metals from various industries, including construction, energy and complex engineering, transportation and logistics, construction machinery, Gravity Flow Racks, etc. visit the event.

This great event, including exhibition and business forum will bring together major steel producers, manufacturers of tubes and pipes, plants, manufacturers of rolled aluminum, builders, machine builders, producers of oil and gas, as well as producers many more industries processing non-ferrous metals. 19 segments of the steel industry will cover 3 different exhibitions:

MetallStroyForum’2016, exposure of steel products and structures for construction

MetallurgMash’2016, exhibition of equipment and technologies for the steel and metal industry. The industrial equipment. Industrial equipment Exhibitors show their Metallurgmash developments in the area, one of the most powerful in the contest, with mining equipment manufacturers, equipment ferrous and non-ferrous melting, pouring and rolling, metallurgical equipment (cutting, stamping, folding), press forging, welding equipment, equipment for warehouses and steel service, lifting equipment and handling equipment or engineering solutions

MetallTransLogistik’2016, exhibition for transport and logistics for mining and metallurgical complex.

Metal-Expo’2016 program of events will include more than 50 conferences, seminars and roundtables, covering most industry segments.

And finally, indicate that Metal Expo 2016 in Moscow, we can find represented the following sectors:

Ferrous industry: manufacturing and products of the ferrous industry (billets, long products, flat and tubes); non-ferrous industry: manufacturing and non-ferrous products industry (raw materials, secondary metals, semi-finished products, rolled products and profiles); special steels and alloys: manufacture and products (long products, flat and tubes); High conversion products for construction: coated sheets, folded profiles, steel structures, etc; Mesh wire products, steel cables, tights, bras etc; Equipment and technologies for steel industries and mining; Raw materials for metallurgical and steel industry (iron ore, ferroalloys, non-ferrous metal ores, coke etc.); scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the collection and recycling; Transportation and logistics, storage in the steel industry and metal and steel trading; Warehouses and reserves in the steel industry and metal and steel trading; Equipment and technologies for warehouses and steel service centers; Sheet metal and long products processing: cutting, shaping, bending and welding; Welding materials, equipment and technologies; refractories, technical ceramics for the steel and foundry industry; Fundamental scientific research application in industries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and nano technology; Unions, media, information technology, online trading, industrial automation and business processes for the metal and steel industry; Financing, investment, insurance, leasing, ecology, labor protection and safety in the steel industry.

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