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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.
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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.


BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone and Android: security and confirmation of reading the message are its arguments

How many instant messaging applications fit on your mobile? Or posts to expand views, on your computer, tablet, or any of the devices that serve us to establish communications. In the market do not stop appearing alternatives , multiplatform, looking to stand out from the rest.

We must stop to think if several of them can coexist in the same device – poor batteries -. I believe it is a fact, and although there is always a priority use of some, it is possible that we have a complementary service, or dedicated to a specific use, determined by its special characteristics. That I think is the initial bet of BlackBerry with its BBM , not wait for people to migrate to them, but be inside your phone, accompanying those who have already installed, and show little by little that their approach is the best . They come late?

Today Android, tomorrow iPhone

We are not going to discover BBM , it was a recognized reality before many of the protagonists appeared on the map – currently there are more than sixty million users – but the dimension that has its output in the iOS and Android platforms , makes us have to talk about practically a new service.

In its launching in the platforms of Google and Apple, we find a first phase, where they have brought the core of the service – with all the guarantees that have made it reliable in BlackBerry – leaving behind two important pillars such as BlackBerry Video and Voice , which will come later (there is also screen sharing, but I think that is part of the integration with BlackBerry10).

2.5 million users have registered with to download the application

The main problem that BBM will find to succeed is that – for a change – they arrive a little late , with lots of alternatives already installed on people’s phones.

I think they are going to have to work seriously in promoting the service – in addition to listening, which I think will be positive – in digital and traditional media, as the competition does. For now, I do not want to give them a hand, but it seems fair to me to know what their strengths are:

BBM offers security

Among its virtues are to find a free solution , which works worldwide, and which has security as the main claim to highlight the alternatives. BBM works on its servers, with proven reliability and data encryption. Little is known about the level of encryption of the information of the alternatives, and this may be a value to take into account in professional environments.

The next step they want us to value, and I think it’s important, is to manage our agenda . In the Blackberry PGP service we make contacts through our pin, associated with a BlackBerry ID . We will both generate them when we sign up for the application, and that is what we share to establish communication. To become the most complete solution, they would have to open the desk doors of our personal computers.

You can verify that the aspect is very similar to what we know in BlackBerry 10, and there are hardly any differences between versions. We find the sliding menus, and the same design language in elements and menus. In this sense nothing surprising, simply functional and without stridency. The Android application moves quite smooth in the terminal that I can test it, an LG Optimus G, in addition to looking better on a larger screen than the Z10.

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