ArlonBD - Le Festival de la bande dessinée d'Arlon depuis l'an 2000

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Chers amis de la BD, Bienvenue sur le site d'Arlon BD.

Toutes les photos de ce site proviennent de sources multiples, elles y figurent uniquement pour l’agrémenter. Si un quelconque problème devait se présenter, elles seraient retirées immédiatement.


La grande fête de la BD se tiendra pour la treizième fois les 20 et 21 octobre au Parc des Expositions d'Arlon. Le président d'honneur en sera
Jean-Claude Servais.

Dernières news d'ArlonBD:

Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.
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Les 08 et 09 septembre 2012, fête de la BD - Stripfeest 2012 à Bruxelles.

Ce chantre de la Gaume a déjà dessiné l'affiche de l'édition 2001.

Qui mieux que lui en effet, peut magnifier dans ses albums nos belles forêts et la faune qui l'habite? Et avec Jean-Claude, la femme sensuelle n'est jamais bien loin ..........

C'est donc avec grand plaisir que nous l'accueillons cette fois comme président d'honneur du festival. Il en dessinera l'affiche et une superbe exposition de ses oeuvres sera présentée. Et plein de surprises............

Voici donc un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour ses nombreux admirateurs.

A bientôt, les 20 et 21 octobre!


Les présidents
André et Serge

Latest News in English

When a simple comic book mobilizes against deep-sea fishing


In two days, blogger Pénélope Bagieu’s blog was shared more than 230,000 times on Facebook and collected nearly 345,000 signatures for a petition against deep-sea fishing.

A good drawing is better than a long speech. On Monday evening, the cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu posts one of her small comic strips that make the success of her 10 best fishing blog ” My life is quite fascinating “. Under the title ” Take five minutes and sign buddy “, the blogger signs an illustrated plate detailing the ecological disaster of deep-sea fishing, the economic heresy she represents and the handful of industrialists to whom she Profit, Intermaché in mind. The writing is round, the drawings are light and full of humor. “But it is not because there are beautiful colors that the talk is not alarmist,” says Pénélope Bagieu, author of the comic become viral. In two days, the publication is split over 230. 000 times on Facebook. Better yet, the petition against deep-sea fishing to which it refers collects more than 345,000 signatures, at a rate of ten news per second!

Intermarché in the crosshairs

An unexpected result for the Bloom association , at the origin of this online petition that had so far 30,000 signatures in five months, for a goal of 400,000.Victim of its success, the site was unavailable for 12 hours Monday: its server did not hold the charge. “I am delighted that this happens, jubilates Claire Nouvian, founder of the association. So far, we have been well followed by the traditional media, but the French did not mobilize. ” Established in 2004, Bloom has relentlessly denounced the ecological disaster of deep-sea fishing, figures supported by Pénélope Bagieu in his comic book. Taking advantage of the emulation, the founder of the association called on Tuesday the Elysee to whom is intended this petition:

Opponents of deep-sea fishing are particularly targeting French industry, which it accuses of intense lobbying to prevent any restriction of this practice. Every year, Bloom publishes a ranking of the French retailers most respectful of the seabed , where Intermarché arrives last. The brand, which boasts six deep trawlers, is the largest fleet in France, is accused by the association of practicing a fishing method “described by researchers as the most destructive of history”. Pressed to react, the sign should be expressed Wednesday in Lorient.

Currently, the association is looking to the European Parliament, which is preparing to vote a resolution to frame deep-sea fishing in Europe and the Northeast Atlantic. It provides for the banning of the most destructive methods. But it also proposes the adoption of more environmentally friendly techniques such as longline fishing. A method that would generate six times more jobs than bottom trawling, when the industry is agitating the threat of job cuts in the event of a ban. “The joker” jobs “is therefore opportunistic and dishonest, but nobody is fooled at European level, explains Claire Nouvian. We just hope that the Bretons will not be fooled by this construction of a false social threat. ”

How to make the best dog search poster

Assume that your dog is lost and although you have already published a lot of warnings that all begin with “Lost Dog” all over the neighborhood, there are still no signs of it.

What should you do?
As you are looking for someone to locate it as quickly as possible, you have to improve the poster to make it more effective.

One way to increase the chances of finding your Fido is to avoid some of the usual mistakes in posters made by little-known owners

For example, these posters are small and often illegible and even put in the windows of cars, where there is a poor quality photo of missing types of dogs, or that poster full of irrelevant information and small print … and illegible.So let’s go with the important steps:

How to Make a GOOD Lost Dog Search Poster

1 . You have to apply a basic principle, ” Few words, and big photos “.

2 . Letters of 72 point size are illegible from a moving vehicle, so you must use letters of at least 100 points

3 . Give a description of your lost dog as accurately as you can, but not too detailed. Or you risk receiving thousands of calls from a thousand people who think they’ve seen it on a thousand sites

Four . Never write personal information of yours . A good way to get in touch with you is to give the mobile phone number, that’s enough.

5 . Make the effort to make the Lost Dog posters as colorful as possible in order to easily capture the attention of the people. Put a recent picture of your lost dog, and your contact number.

6. Make sure your posters are visible enough to be identified. Some people put small or fuzzy photos, in the middle of a huge lawn, or on a checkered sofa. The drivers will only have a few seconds to see clearly the poster when they pass

7. When you go out to find your dog, take with you a lot of additional posters to distribute in local businesses in the area , post offices, veterinarians and local shelters …

8. If necessary, try to recruit for your support extra hands of people in your neighborhood, co-workers, and even children who will be of great help in finding your lost dog.

Put a sign in your own yard for neighbors to know that your dog has disappeared!

Take signs to the vet in your area, just in case someone stole your dog and they want to do a veterinary examination , to sell it. Leave the booklet behind the counter , where only employees can see it. Also alert your brand of microchips, if the dog takes it

Mutts, the comic of the Creole dogs

Mutts is all that a comic strip should be: fun and with two wonderfully innocent main characters. And that’s just what Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Snoopy, claims . This cartoon by Patrick McDonnell is currently published in more than 500 newspapers in 20 countries. There are a total of 8 anthologies published in the United States to date and has won the National Cartoonists Society’s “Best Comic Strip of the Year”; The prestigious German Max and Moritz , and two Genesis Awards from The Ark Trust .


Although it is not a 100% comic strip about animal Dog Breed Index abandonment, which might suggest its name (Mutt = dog criollo), once a year McDonnell publishes strips where he seeks to sensitize readers, about abandoning animals and promotes the adoption of The same in the protectors.
The author
Patrick McDonnell like many other people, has a special penchant for animals, and a remarkable talent for drawing. That combination led him to create in 1994 his Mutts strip known in the Spanish-speaking countries as Motas, where he tells the friendship of a dog (Earl) and a cat (Mooch). As its author indicates, this story is a celebration of the simple. It remembers the intimate and the familiar of the day to day.


In Mutts’ stories, McDonnell shows himself to be a great lover and defender ofthe environment and animals. Its characters, without abandoning the humor, are able to transmit clear messages in this sense.
The philosophy of the work is shaped in a world where animals and men live in a beautiful balance. And although McDonnell is an activist of various animal-protective organisms, his strips never address that problem directly.

Light, but critical, this strip has caught the attention of many readers, and can now be found in newspapers almost everywhere in the world.

McDonnell was born in 1956, in New Jersey, into an Italian-Irish family. His parents met as students at the Cooper Union Art School . Both McDonnell and his brothers grew up in an environment where art was a habitual attitude.
Although he studied at the School of Visual Arts , he is convinced that a comic author is born, not done. When he was seven years old, he wrote a letter to Charles M. Schulz, and in that letter he allowed himself to suggest to the teacher the possibility that Snoopy might have a fellow mate.

5 good comics about health and illness

For a long time the comics in Spain have been considered for children. It was not until the introduction of the term ” graphic novel ” that have begun to have the recognition they deserve and this has enabled the creation of more adult – themed comics and selling in general bookstores and supermarkets.

5 good comics about health

Today we would like to recommend here 5 good comics that deal with various diseases and how to face it both patients and relatives . A different way to know these pathologies and to become aware of the issue.

1.  Wrinkles  (Paco Roca) is one of the most successful comics in recent years in the Spanish market. Paco Roca is the subject of  Alzheimer  funny and tender way, with a drawing style very accessible.
2.  Blue Pills  (Frederik Peeters): From a personal point of view, the author recounts his relationship with a woman who carries the virus  HIV . Very impressive, of the best comics you can read. Tender and emotional.
3.  Maria and I  (Miguel Gallardo): Gallardo is one of the most famous authors of comics and graphic novel public time where we showed the special relationship he had with Mary, his daughter does  autism . This comic was born a beautiful  documentary  (link is external)that has won countless awards.
4.  The rise of great evil  (David B.): the harrowing journey that lives a family to find a treatment for  epilepsy  of one of their children. When conventional treatments do not work, they will look for any alternative remedy and find a chiropractor that could help them and that will affect their lives very intensely. A great work by the French author.
5.  A chance in a thousand  (Cristina Duran and Miguel Angel Giner Bou): a tough story but brave and full of optimism parents who have a child with a disease from which there is only one chance in a thousand survive. Their fears, their ignorance, their way of facing this situation …. A very clear drawing for this autobiographical story that will shake you.
What do you think of these comics?  Did you know them?

Roman art of the locksmith


Boat-shaped locks, First half of the third century, released by jtautosecurity co uk

The clostraria ars , also known as the “art of the locksmith” was already an independent office in Roman and later period. Luxurious locks and padlocks boat shaped show that their manufacture had not merely functional. Its shape is usually round, although in some cases it is also rectangular and octagonal, and the casing is made ​​of iron, iron with bands of silver or bronze, or simply bronze.

The intended use for these locks were fork locks, padlocks for chains and shackles and toes. The realknow-how lies in the ingenious closing mechanism. The boat-shaped locks are divided according to their different locking mechanisms: in twistlocks with sliding latch, raised the key to turning the locking spring.Once he released the latch is pushed toward the bottom while still turning and the locking pin is released.To remove the key from the lock, you must first return to the starting position. The twist – lock mechanism with closing spring is simpler. When the key is turned 180 degrees, engage the teeth of the bit through the guard and push the closing spring back with the nose. This releases the latch. Thanks to the spring pressure, returns to its closed position automatically when released. If you have to close the lock, simply enter again the latch and lock it slams shut.

The 14 boat-shaped locks found in the tank Neupotz that may be some in the exhibition of the MARQ,the Treasury Barbarians are so far only by their quantity and condition. The two locking mechanisms described have been found from X – rays. All housings are made ​​of iron sheets. Along with unadorned copies are also others who have three decorative brass bands and the heads of the molded rivets.Compared with existing locks, these simple locks were not very strong. They should exercise more of a chilling effect, as the use of physical violence produced noise and could draw the attention of residents and neighbors.

Metal Expo 2016 Moscow International Industrial Exhibition in Russia

Metal Expo Moscow 2016, a new edition in the Russian capital, particularly in facilities Fairgrounds exhibition All Russian Exhibition Center AREC Moscow, between the days 8 to 11 November 2016. This year brings in different fora companies in the steel, ferrous and non-ferrous products, logistics and machinery destined for the sectors of construction, automotive or energy sector. The event shows convincing arguments about the potential of the Russian market as seeking metallurgical products in the coming years.

Metal Expo 2016 in Moscow, you will see on display the full range of products of ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as the state of the art equipment and modern technologies. Report this fair we can find all news and industry related innovations in its various aspects.

Report this fair because of its importance, will feature the best companies and professionals in the sector, being for them a quote from almost inexcusable assistance both by the news that it will be found as important contacts that may be established .

More than 750 companies from 35 countries of the world take care of their exhibitions in halls 69 and 75 of the Exhibition Centre throughout Russia for more than 30,000 end users of products of ferrous and nonferrous metals from various industries, including construction, energy and complex engineering, transportation and logistics, construction machinery, Gravity Flow Racks, etc. visit the event.

This great event, including exhibition and business forum will bring together major steel producers, manufacturers of tubes and pipes, plants, manufacturers of rolled aluminum, builders, machine builders, producers of oil and gas, as well as producers many more industries processing non-ferrous metals. 19 segments of the steel industry will cover 3 different exhibitions:

MetallStroyForum’2016, exposure of steel products and structures for construction

MetallurgMash’2016, exhibition of equipment and technologies for the steel and metal industry. The industrial equipment. Industrial equipment Exhibitors show their Metallurgmash developments in the area, one of the most powerful in the contest, with mining equipment manufacturers, equipment ferrous and non-ferrous melting, pouring and rolling, metallurgical equipment (cutting, stamping, folding), press forging, welding equipment, equipment for warehouses and steel service, lifting equipment and handling equipment or engineering solutions

MetallTransLogistik’2016, exhibition for transport and logistics for mining and metallurgical complex.

Metal-Expo’2016 program of events will include more than 50 conferences, seminars and roundtables, covering most industry segments.

And finally, indicate that Metal Expo 2016 in Moscow, we can find represented the following sectors:

Ferrous industry: manufacturing and products of the ferrous industry (billets, long products, flat and tubes); non-ferrous industry: manufacturing and non-ferrous products industry (raw materials, secondary metals, semi-finished products, rolled products and profiles); special steels and alloys: manufacture and products (long products, flat and tubes); High conversion products for construction: coated sheets, folded profiles, steel structures, etc; Mesh wire products, steel cables, tights, bras etc; Equipment and technologies for steel industries and mining; Raw materials for metallurgical and steel industry (iron ore, ferroalloys, non-ferrous metal ores, coke etc.); scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the collection and recycling; Transportation and logistics, storage in the steel industry and metal and steel trading; Warehouses and reserves in the steel industry and metal and steel trading; Equipment and technologies for warehouses and steel service centers; Sheet metal and long products processing: cutting, shaping, bending and welding; Welding materials, equipment and technologies; refractories, technical ceramics for the steel and foundry industry; Fundamental scientific research application in industries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and nano technology; Unions, media, information technology, online trading, industrial automation and business processes for the metal and steel industry; Financing, investment, insurance, leasing, ecology, labor protection and safety in the steel industry.

How to uninstall Comics and Manga online extension removing Malware,Virus and Adware Windows system

Guidelines to Fix Comics and Manga online extension from Windows 10,8,7 Remove Malware,Adware,Spyware

Comics and Manga online extension is one of the popular potentially unwanted program which is confirmed as pesky adware program. This malware infection main motive is to display plenty of advertisements which interrupts your online working and pop-up each time you open the browser. This infection has the ability to infect Windows operating system. Basically, this infection gets loaded into the web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Comics and Manga online extension gets distributed on the computer system through intrusive links, torrent files, via infected USB device, peer-to-peer network sharing, file sharing website, fake software update, cost free programs download and more.

Comics and Manga online extension secretly comes into the system bundled with virus infections. This infection quickly slows down the computer performance and hijack web browsers. Moreover, this malware cause redirection problems. It may insert several malicious links on the web page you are visiting. Because of this infection, your system will start running out of control. Additionally, this malware infection will steal and reveals your confidential details to the third parties. It has the ability to corrupt windows registry and delete your important files. This infection secretly install malicious browser extensions to your system browser. Because of this infection, your browser will crash and your computer delivers poor performance. Thus, to clean up all dangerous threats and uninstall Comics and Manga online extension, we strongly recommend to use wordpress malware removal help.

Comics and Manga online extension is classified as a perilous infection that invades into users system without their knowledge and consent. As soon as this threat infiltrates into PC it will create lots of vulnerabilities and mess up users system.

1. It will change windows registry settings and modify system files and folders.
2. Apart from that it will silently inject malicious codes into toolbar and gives you trouble by displaying endless ads, pop-ups, banners, coupons and deals of different sites.
3. This infection is capable of hijacking your browser and whenever you search it will redirect you to other malicious webpages.
4. The worst and the most dangerous part of Comics and Manga online extension is that it creates a loophole for other malware and spyware to attack and take control of your PC and steal your confidential and financial information like bank account details, IP address, passwords,email ids and other documents for illegal purpose.
5. Your system will hang and freeze out on a regular basis and it will take lot of time start up. It will slow down the performance of your system drastically and eat lots of RAM and CPU space.

Why Anti-virus Program Fails to Protect PC from Comics and Manga online extension Attack ?

Most of the anti virus programs fails to protect PC from Comics and Manga online extensionattack because it hides itself in deepest part of your system and works in the background process and has the capacity to disable your current anti-virus program therefore they can not get detected. Additionally, keeping the anti-virus program out of date or at low security level may also be the reason for the failure in the detection of this threat.

Security Measures

Now a days cyber crooks are finding new and advanced techniques to spreed different kinds of malware and viruses which are very dangerous in nature hence automatic removal tool deleteComics and Manga online extension from the system effectively along with all the extensions and add-ons but it is necessary to take proper precautions while surfing the internet and installing any program in your system. By being attentive and keeping awareness you can decrease the possibility of virus attacks. Below are some of the basic security measures you can follow and keep your PC safe.

  1. Update your operating system regularly
  2. Turn on safe browsing function
  3. Install a powerful anti-virus program and keep it up to date
  4. Always choose custom and advanced installation option
  5. Avoid clicking on unwanted ads,pop-ups and any malicious links

Art, comic, design and architecture fill the exhibition offer of Madrid

Telefónica Collection: Black and White Constructivo \ "TBA \".  Santiago Olivares and Javier García.  |  Art, comic, design and architecture fill the exhibition offer of Madrid

Coinciding with the Art Week Madrid, Matadero Madrid and La Casa Encendida is very active, presenting different spaces in their new exhibition projects.

Foundations Juan March, Telefónica and Mapfre and the CaixaForum Madrid and ICO, Thyssen-Bornemisza museums and Home Builders in Myrtle Beach also premiere exhibitions.

If you visit Madrid until next Sunday, because of its great Art Week and, of course, if you live in the capital of Spain, I want to propose some thirty exhibitions that have just recently inaugurated or will do so this week.  since it can not be otherwise, the range of proposals is wide, ranging from art, comic, design and architecture.

Accurate mind, therefore, and be easy to locate you, wherever you are , we recommend the new app artcity , launched last fall in the marketplace of Google and a few days ago also available in the AppStore .

If you are looking for thesis exhibitions are lucky because at the Juan March, this Friday, February 26 Foundation, open to the public “Unheard of . From informalista Photobook postwar painting (1945-1965) ” and, just a few days at room Recoletos exhibition MAPFRE Foundation, visit ” the divisiveness futurism. the Italian art to modernity ” in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum ” Realists of Madrid“, curated by Guillermo Solana and María López and finally in Espacio Fundación Telefónica ” Art in the comic “, curated by Asier Mensuro .

But if what you want is descubir new f acetas key authors in the history of art of the last century you can not miss in CaixaForum Madrid the exhibition ” Miró and the object ” which, under the curatorship of William Jeffett , explores specifically the first time the presence of the object in the artist ‘s work, revealing how Miró evolved from the pictorial representation of the object; and the Canal “Foundation Chagall: divine and human , ” an exhibition curated byMarkus Müller , focused on graphic works by Marc Chagall that runs nearly four decades of his artistic activity.

But if what interests you is the most current art, be sure to stop by Matadero Madrid and La Casa Encendida. Thus, in the first, will surprise you ” 1645 Chalks ” the project Maider López (San Sebastián, 1975) has in its Nave 16, curated by Tania Pardo , or “(Selfi) “, a specific project created by Darya von Berner (Mexico, 1960) and curated by Carlota Alvarez Basso for the old cold room than outside the slaughterhouse in Madrid, as part of its Open x Works program.

Meanwhile, the Ignited House Montemadrid Foundation presents “Generation 2016 ” where curated by Ignacio Cabrero , curator of Generations, you can see the projects Ignacio Bautista  (Madrid, 1982),  Eva Fábregas  (Barcelona, ​​1988) ,  Enric Farres (Palafrugell, Girona, 1983),  Jaume Ferrete  (Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona, ​​1980),  Nuria Güell (Vidreres, Girona, 1981),  Tamara Kuselman  (Buenos Aires, 1980),  Daniel Martin  (Madrid, 1980) David Mutiloa  (Pamplona, ​​1979),  Julia Varela  (Madrid, 1986) and  Juan Zamora  (Madrid, 1982), selected from which is one of the most important art calls for the country to young artists artists.

And of course, do not forget to visit, ” Priority Innfield ” where it occurs for the first time in Spain, solo exhibition, the work of American Lizzie Fitch (Bloomington, 1981) and Ryan Trecartin (Webster, 1981).

Also the exhibition ” reinterpreted II. The ashes of Mockingbird ” at the Museum Lazaro Galdiano, where program a new approach of another of the great Spanish contemporary artists with international projection, Santiago Ydáñez (Puente de Genave, Jaén, 1969), to Collection Lazarus.The exhibition is curated by Rafael Doctor Roncero .

Also, on Friday February 26 the exhibition also “opens Index Rome ” at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, which houses the works of resident artists and researchers at the Academy of Spain in Rome during the promotion 2014- 2015.

Curated by the team of Track 34 (Javier Duero and Patricia Almeida), you can see the work of a new generation of artists, illustrators, architects, Spanish filmmakers or settled in Spain such as Almudena Lobera  (Madrid, 1984)  Alvaro Ortiz  (Zaragoza, 1983),  Adrian Silvestre  (Valencia, 1981),  Miriam Isasi  (Vitoria, 1981),  Yann Leto  (Bordeaux, 1979),  Greta Alfaro  (Pamplona, ​​1977), Enrique Bordes  (Madrid, 1975),  Jesús Donaire  (Ciudad Real, 1974) and  Joan Morey  (Mallorca, 1972).

Also refer exposures eight spaces institutions within the program of the 35th Anniversary of ARCOmadrid , curated by Javier Hontoria , and also the seven appointments with private collections in the Art Week Madrid , that will enjoy for first time in Spain, of collection Museum of Qatar, in the Art Gallery Santander of Santander Foundation in Boadilla del Monte, or in La Nave 16 Matadero Madrid, the selection of artists for the second edition of Art Situacions, by Maria de Corral , Ilaria Gianni , Lorena Martínez de Corral and Vicente Todolí , again under the direction of the collectorPilar Forcada , among other collections.

Not to miss your appointment this year ” Showcases Preciados ArcoMadrid 2016:” The other [Artists] / the other [Artists] . “In 2016 met twelve years since the Cultural Scope of El Corte Ingles, within AfterARCO, the ARCOmadrid fair, began conducting a program of interventions on this occasion has curating Alfonso de la Torre and artists: José Luis Alexanco (Madrid, 1942), Victoria Civera (Sagunto, Valencia, 1955), Dis Berlin (Ciria, Soria , 1959), Juan Hidalgo (Las Palmas, 1927), Antonio Perez(Siguenza, Guadalajara, 1934) and Eulàlia Valldosera (Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona, ​​1963).

But as we proceeded, at first, there are also samples for lovers of design and architecture. Thus, in the DIMAD – Central Design in Matadero, one can find today, ” Design Portuguese forms of identity (1950-2015). ” Which gathers around 100 pieces of designers from different generations, backgrounds and training .

For lovers of architecture also it opens today at the ICO Museum ” RCR Arquitectes. Shared Creativity “, which shows the more than 25 year career of Catalan Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, head of architectural studio RCR Arquitectes. This is the first exhibition of the three that will house the ICO throughout 2016.

And finally, more architecture ” Building Toys. School of modern architecture ” in the Picasso Room of the Circulo de Bellas Artes. This exhibition, curated by Juan Bordes Caballero , analyzes, through drawings, sketches, notes and objects, the influx of construction toys in the history of modern architecture.

Festival of Architecture One arhitecture week 2016 will be held in Plovdiv, as part of initiatives for the European Capital of Culture for 2019

From September 30 to October 9 in Plovdiv will be held the annual Festival of Architecture One Architecture Week. It dates back to 2008. When he started as a two-day conference on architecture. Subsequent editions were about week duration.
Every year, different team professionals are curators of the festival. They represent trends in contemporary architecture. For 2016. this will be the team of architectural and Research studio in Bucharest studioBASAR.
The focus of the 2016 Festival of Architecture will be on participation and influence of society on the face of the urban environment. This is a new moment with many opportunities, not only for our country but for the Balkan countries passed through a number of modes and turmoil that led to certain specifics in the urban environment. The particular location of the festival for architecture, is the Plovdiv district with 62,000 inhabitants Thrace . The place is typical of our latitudes and showcase the type of housing estates in Bulgaria in particular. These places are a strange mix between concrete architecture, suffered visual interventions over the years and general environment changed by people living in these neighborhoods. Experts in the field of architecture are called “modernist” and define them as “rather undesirable.” Whatever are, however, people living there have changed their appearance – ie and neighborhoods, and residents living on them, carry huge potential for change. Urban change under the influence of inhabitants of January Mastering these processes of social, functional and visual changes and better use of their capacity are among the tasks of Architecture Festival. Perspective, however, will be more common. / proceeding from the specific place – Trakia Plovdiv, Bulgaria to a wider European context of the architecture of similar Modernistic neighborhoods all over the old continent.


StudioBASAR, Bucharest, curators of this year’s Architectural Festival have several years of experience working in similar neighborhoods on Romanian territory, with active participation of society.

In general, the main purpose of meetings professionals and other interested persons are sharing ideas about urban matrix roofing , interiors and architecture. It aims to improve the dialogue between professionals and society and establish architectural practices in line with the preferences and the people. Besides purely professional meetings and discussions under the umbrella of the architectural festival held various presentations, exhibitions, creative workshops for children and others.

ONE are the organizers of the festival. Partners One Architecture Week turn were Plovdiv Municipality and the Foundation “America for Bulgaria”. The initiative is part of the cultural calendar of the city as European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Great retro-comic announce night in support Dj

DJS and trio of comedians join their talents on Saturday January 30, 2016 in support of fellow mobile DJ Melbourne who is going through a difficult situation to have a progressive disease and whose medical expenses and are unaffordable for him and his family.

Marcos Molina has diabetes and because it has lost sight, suffers from kidney failure and required a transplant.

The great solidarity event will feature the presentation of the most representative DJS music of all time, as Javier Calderon Javier Almodóvar and Roberto Solis, along with the special participation of a trio of comedians with broad experience and talent as Danny are G, Angie Espinoza Show and Nyno

The great retro-comedy night will be held at the premises of El Trebol located on University Avenue and Canal, on Saturday January 30, from 9 pm to 2 am, with a suggested donation of 100 pesos , with all proceeds in supporting Marcos Molina

The DJS and participating actors involved in the cause of free and invite all citizens to join the great night of solidarity, besides enjoying a great retro night with the best music of the glorious 80’s and 90’s, which marked several generations.

The disc jockey participants have a huge career with recognition not only locally, but nationally and internationally that maintains the force and public taste through the years and comedians are not far behind, are synonymous with talent and quality, which places them among the best in the state and country.

For information and reservations you can dial 614-125-8907 and cell phones and the fixed phone 614-176-1613, 426-90-90.

Attend remember a glorious era of music, laugh with the best comedians of Chihuahua and help a worthy cause.


YouTube is full of video tutorials that teach you how to draw from a smiling face complex characters, but many of them are hard to follow or just bad. How do you know which channels to focus if you want to learn to draw, or hone your skills in drawing ? Below is a list of channels YouTube , organized by the development from simple to more advanced level, which will help you learn to draw and purchase youtube likes. Whether you’re a beginner or if you’ve already done some drawing, so you will find at least one you’ll love.


If you really are a beginner like me, this is perfect for you. Short and easy, these videos teach you how to draw cartoonsvery simple in minutes. Seriously, I can even draw them. Yes, they are slightly out of focus, and yes, you can (and are) made ​​by children but are excellent small tutorials. The DoodleKat tutorials are made ​​with a black marker on paper, and in 2-3 minutes you will find an owl drawing, horse, pastel, or even a taco. Guaranteed.
Although these tutorials are probably intended for children, they are also ideal for those of us who are starting our journey in the drawing. With black marker on paper, these short videos will teach you how to draw very simple doodles, like a raccoon, a shark, etc. These are very, very simple drawings. Even if you’ve never drawn anything before, you’ll be able to follow these easy and get some interesting drawings.

Mark Crilley

If you are new in the drawing, but you’re ambitious, videos of Marcos Crilliey will engage you. In these highly detailed videos you will learn to draw Manga characters , dragons, and more, and even find specific, such tips as how to draw hair or feet. The videos are mostly made ​​with pencil on paper, and are easy to follow despite the use of stop motion techniques. Almost every line is explained in full, and is very easy to pause and continue to catch up with each new line.Even for a novice like me, it is a joy to watch.


If you can handle a pencil, and you want to draw your favorite characters from cartoons , Evan Burse of CartoonBlock will show you how. These are fairly short videos, so the tutorials are not very detailed, but if you just need a guide and inspiration, can be very useful. Made with pencils on paper, the tutorials include many different characters, from Wolverine and Anakin Skywalker Bart Simpson and Sonic. Some videos of famous artists sketches of some characters from scratch are also included. Excellent for inspiration, if you know what you’re doing.


Despite its name, IDrawGirls not just to draw girls but to draw characters in general. Not for beginners – I probably never be able to draw like this – but offers long and detailed tutorials that can help you achieve real results. Most of the drawings in the videos are made with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, so if you are using these, you’ll find it much easier.If you’re going to draw on paper, you can still get some pretty useful tips.


If you really know drawing, and are looking for good tutorials and advanced, look no further. In Sycra you will not find 3-minute tutorials here. If you want to draw a dragon, aprenderáscómo do it in 5 separate videos, each more than 10 minutes. The videos include detailed explanations that go beyond the basic drawing techniques. Most of the drawings are made with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, and can teach you about things like proportions, patterns and more.




Artemio Guevara

As you can imagine, these are just the tip of the iceberg. As a beginner, I tend to pick tutorials include explanations are easy to understand, not only quick sketch show with background music. I love to hear your own favorite YouTube channels to learn to draw. What style tutorials you prefer? And if you can not draw (like me), it is expected that you’re done to find some inspiration to get started!

HBO is preparing a series of Watchmen , the legendary superhero comic

HBO is preparing a series of Watchmen, the legendary superhero comic

The quality of the original series produced by HBO is almost unbelievable. Series like Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos or, of course, Game of Thrones , are proof of that, and now it seems that point to make its first production related to superheroes, based on the legendary comic book Watchmen, and they intend to launch the series on

According to reports from Collider , HBO is in talks with Zack Snyder (director of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and the film adaptation of Watchmen ) to carry television history of that great comic who wrote Alan Moore almost 30 years ago.

 The rumor is wonderful and full of emotion. Watchmen , which was published by DC Comics was a short series of superheroes with a really dark plot, from the point of view of a group of retired superheroes, they found again later the murder of one of them.

We have no idea how it could be the series, if we tell the origin of Dr. Manhattan, Comedian and others, or be based on further developing the same story of comics ( first seen in the film). But either way, this project, backed by HBO, promises too.  However that’s about the future, now you can watch the best TV series online on Project Free TV.

Encourage water conservation by comic

In the absence of information about Mexican society about the alarming condition of aquifers in the country, Mexican researchers created the comic world H2O, an alternative scientific dissemination as a mass media.

The comic captures the attention, invoke emotional responses, promotes imagination and thereby promotes scientific knowledge is understood more easily, said Victor H. Cedeño Martinez, professor at the Technological Institute of Monterrey, and Luis Ernesto Marín Stillman, researcher the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In his article water softeners reviews through Comic, published in the latest issue of the journal Science, disseminator of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, Martínez Cedeño and Marin Stillman got to know that the cartoon World H2O, which has a overview of the water situation also helps overcome the common problems in traditional teaching, in which students learn only focuses on data that will soon be forgotten.

The mixture of text and drawings of comic favors popular science, as they provide anchors that make memorable information with a model more familiar to the public representation, because in Mexico cartoon enjoys a wide social acceptance.

The material for scripts World H2O, which is supported by article Water in Mexico: challenges and opportunities, Luis E. Marin reports on the three problems of groundwater in our country: the overexploitation of aquifers, the and contamination of the saline intrusion, ie, when salt water (from the sea) flows into the continental subsoil mixed with freshwater reserves.

In their article, the researchers explained that the story has three main components: an introduction that addresses water war; a virtual journey from the future of Mexico where the characters, after a series of problems, learn about the importance of water and finally an epilogue in the future to strengthen transmitted ideas.

In an interview, Luis Marin Stillman, former coordinator of the Network of Water and member of the AMC, announced that H2O World is a doctoral project Victor H. Martinez, who attends graduate school in Humanistic Studies with a concentration in science and culture in the Technological Institute of Superior Studies Monterrey, where he is also professor.

Cartoon essentially aimed at 14- to 20-year-old was distributed among students of the UNAM and ITESM, and achieved excellent acceptance, Marin said Stillman.

Another project in which both researchers work in collaboration with the World Water

Assessment Program of the United Nations which aims to bring science to the general population and make available data vital fluid situation in the country.

Luis Marin said that due to the enormous concern at global and national level, water problems in the Federal District, as well as the great ignorance of most of society in relation to water, such projects are needed.

Follows a major effort to make people understand that water is a resource that if you do not care is scarce, pointed, besides constituting an attempt to socialize science.

The “hilarious” comic of a mother about pregnancy and motherhood

It does not happen often, but when someone asks me some advice to raise their children give them only two (once took many, now only two): Listen to your baby over the other people and take it humorously . The first because if I have learned with my children is that they are the ones who have all the answers to the questions parents we become, and if I have learned anything in my role as a parent is that when you take things with humor and you laugh until you, everything goes better.

Something like that is what makes this mother, illustrator and animator, with her cartoons. Her name is Line Severinsen and her illustrations are sharing more and more to show the most comical part of pregnancy, gyn nyc and motherhood . Come on , certainly more than you feel identified with their artwork.

Do not ask if someone is pregnant ever

Because as we said here a while ago , you can go wrong and it actually is not pregnant. It is true that when you’re pregnant suddenly seems to see babies, strollers and pregnant everywhere, but that does not mean that we are all really.


No, not you gonna hurt the baby

Many men happens, they fear harm the baby by having sex. A quick anatomy lesson pregnancy leave them well quiet, because there is no way to give.


The problems in choosing the baby’s name

When you realize, when looking for the name of the baby, how many people hate:


View other deliveries becomes tremendously exciting


Y’all want to touch your belly?

Because there are women who like a lot, but we should not support it:


How in the third quarter not you exercise?

And what can a woman running in search of a toilet?


How do you say Jedis to move things with your mind?


Is this normal or hope a fighter kickboxing?


Emm, my feet have swollen so much that I wear H & M bags


Oh yeah? As I look like arms go up and down …


God is born and … just to let others keep quiet!


The “selfie” after giving birth


That strange feeling when the nurse “helps you” with breastfeeding problems


Happy, tralara, that neither I realize that I have the boob fueraaaa


And more

We have left some of us have liked, but more on their website Kos og Kaos and his Instagram account . ¿Funny illustrations, right?

The economy through comics.

We started with literature, film and continue with this time, we will use the educational functions of the cartoon and the cartoon, to understand the economic reality. The Education Commission of the Association of Economists of Aragon and bookkeeping services brisbane emphasizes that journalistic bullet causes an active response, polemicizes on a fact and, above all, encourages participation and helps the understanding of economic news.
For two weeks, the Zentrum room Ibercaja will be a sample of fifteen vignettes of young zaragozano artist Jose Antonio Bernal, elected by economists for its particular style and irony, excellent career and being able to take your cartoons the funny face of the economy.
The exhibition will be supported by two interesting days that will assist participants to learn economy, with the help of professionals expert economists and economic information.
First Day , February 17 , 1830: Presentation of the exhibition 19.30: CONFERENCE: “Understanding the economics of hand humor “.
An economist will introduce the audience in economic concepts such as unemployment, crisis, finance, banking, inflation, etc. taking as a guideline the
vignettes exposure.
 Economist: Juan Royo . Professor at the University of Zaragoza. Member of the CSR Commission of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration
(AECA). Member of the Expert Group AENOR ISR. Editorial Advisor magazine Single Currency.
Second Day , February 24 (Wednesday) 19.30 h ROUNDTABLE: “Economy, news and comics”
 An economist, a journalist and a cartoonist discuss economic news. The topics of discussion will be recent economic news exchange and financial markets, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, etc. The economist will introduce the subject, the journalist will expose why this issue has become news and artist will talk about the process of creating cartoons caricaturing reality.
 Attendees will propose headlines by writing a paper delivered to the organization. A jury will review the holders proposed by the public and will choose a winner who will receive a symbolic detail in appreciation of their participation.
Economist: Natividad Blasco de las Heras , Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University of Zaragoza. He has been Vice Rector of Planning, Quality and Resources of the same institution.He currently directs the Master ‘s Degree in Accounting and Finance Officer.
Reporter: Ricardo Barceló . Journalist expert in financial information Newspaper of Aragon.
Cartoonist: Jose Antonio Bernal . Graphic humorist and cartoonist. He is the author of works: “The Gliceryl Gum and tooth decay , ” the “Comic Book 75th Anniversary of Real Zaragoza”, “The Bonilla Like father like son.” And his recent “a little of everything.” He has worked in the newspaper Heraldo de Aragon, in the daily Team bulleted Real Zaragoza and magazines such as Zaracómic, Capúzate, Buenafuente, Malavida … currently publishes for magazines Thursday, Retranca, Amaniaco, Orange Territory and in various media. Quite a job that has been awarded the prize for Popular Author Disclosure Barcelona International Comics Convention 2007.
Jury: Javier Nieto , Dean of the College of Economists of Aragon, Alberto Molina , Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Zaragoza and Francisco Bono , Deputy Director and Head of Communication Studies and Ibercaja



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